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November 22, 2019
E-girls Community. What drives loyalty from Gen Z?

The strategy of avoiding mega-influencers is a large part of what drives loyalty from Gen Z. E-girls, who are often within the Gen-Z demographic, wear outfits tinged with inspiration from skater, goth, anime and even BDSM culture. As for their shopping habits, they want to thrift and buy second-hand, but they also want to get as much as they can for a fraction of the cost.


“They see the use of mega-influencers as a turn-off. The generation values hype that’s more organic, and brands that use mega-influencers are indicating that they have to spend money to create sponsored content, because they don’t have a genuine following of fans who are willing to generate authentic content for them.” says Amber Atherton, CEO of market platform Zyper.

Consumer sentiment is more negative than ever when it comes to influencers, and while Instagram has given rise to the fashion influencer,

TikTok is setting the stage for a different kind of social media influencer: the e-girls.

While Revolve focuses on brining in big name celebrities, and creating a sense of FOMO for followers, Dolls Kill does the opposite.

In March, the brand began touring the country in a revamped ice cream truck as part of its “Bling Tour.” The truck, which was essentially a traveling pop-up store, toured around the East Coast, stopping at eight cities along the way. It only sold one item, the Billionaire Bling Boot, which originally sold out within an hour when the brand dropped it online last year. This August, the brand brought back its “tour,” designed to feel like a band tour or music festival, bumping up to 18 cities with five blinged-out boot styles. See more on Glossy.

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