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January 04, 2020
Our Commitment to Community

We talk a lot about community here at Zyper, and this year we want to go further and make a real commitment to supporting local causes that fans care about. That's why we are choosing 2 charities you suggested to donate $5 to on behalf of each fan for the first 6 months of 2020. We'll then release a new poll in June to find 2 new charities to support for the last 6 months of the year. Our goal with Zyper is to connect brands with their fans and build a new home for community, and this donation experiment is the first of many we hope to launch with your help to make a positive impact in local communities.

In December we polled thousands of you to get a shortlist of the charities that operate in your local neighbourhood and that many of you already donate to with your time and money. We were overwhelmed with responses, but after much deliberation we're excited to announce the first two charities we will be supporting this year on your behalf are...

Sea Shepherds

submitted by @whatrebeccareads


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - helps save marine wildlife, conduct vital research and stop illegal activity through collaborative campaigns with communities and governments through lawful means and in accordance to international charters and declarations. They have cut illegal nets, cleaned vital ecosystems, shutdown illegal operations in contentious waters, and delivered humanitarian supplies.

The Motherhood Group

submitted by @sandeeigwe.

The Motherhood Group takes joy in connecting mothers with mental health challenges with one another; through workshops and short courses they aim to equip mothers with essential tools to thrive in education, employment and at home. Founded by Sandra Igwe in London, after completing her LLB & MBA, Sandra became a mother and wife, which lead her to understand there wasn’t a safe platform that BAME mothers could equip themselves with the community, knowledge and support to manage motherhood whilst juggling the everyday challenges of life.


Disclosure: Zyper will donate a minimum of $1000 to each charity. We'll post a fundraising update in June. If you have any questions about our charity initiative or want to submit an idea or cause for us to help support please just email lulu@zyper.com thank you!

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