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January 21, 2020
Community Index 2020

“We’ve uncovered the most culturally buzzworthy brands in today’s market and explored who is effectively building community around their brand.”

To learn more, we invite you to access the Official 2020 Community Index.

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The Official 2020 Community Index

Today, Zyper launched the world’s first ever Community Index at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Through meticulous research, Zyper has produced the first ranking of the top 40 brands who are committed to building community.


Zyper’s elite team of data scientists analyzed the Fortune 1000 companies against a rigorous set of quantitative criteria related to community, fandom, brand growth, and positive consumer brand mentions. From there, qualitative indicators like a brand’s own investment and direct interaction with its community, and commitment to equality and environmental factors were overlaid to produce the top 40 list.

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Community as the Future of Commerce

“How brands are built - how they grow everything - is becoming democratized and decentralized. Consumers have more power than ever before to build the brands they want to belong to.” - Founder and CEO, @AmberAtherton

In addition to the ranking, Zyper shares the latest insights on the state of influencer marketing, the rise of authenticity, key brand profiles, and use cases for partnering with superfans.

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