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April 03, 2020
How to turn your customers into a Glossier-level tight knit community

If you build it they will come..

Earlier this year, Zyper put out the very first community index ranking the top 40 brands in the world with the most engaged communities.

Glossier, arguably the most culturally relevant beauty brand, ranked #2 on the index.

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Why? As we know, the brand was born from a viral beauty blog, developing products based on the wants and needs of their loyal followers. To this day, they continue to leverage their dedicated fanbase to help co-create and evolve the brand. Emily Weiss, Glossier’s founder has even credited 90% of the company’s revenue growth to “fan girls”.

Of course, most brands are not blessed with an origin story like Glossier’s - created out of organic demand. However, it’s never too late to build your brand community. Plus, it’s a proven way to make an impact on customer retention and LTV.

In four tweets, here's how Glossier builds a hyper-engaged community:

1. They give their fans more by asking for less

Many brands incentivize their fans to create user generated content - offering the ability to win a contest or free product by posting photos.

Glossier simply asks fans to share a picture of themselves enjoying the products. The low barrier to entry feels authentic and it shows - consumers want to share and be a part of the thread. The high volume of earned content this sparks accelerates word of mouth - which we know is the most effective form of marketing.

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2. They create bonding moments

With a feed filled with fun ice-breaker style questions, Glossier's comms feel like you're in a private group chat with your friends. By collecting your followers around a common passion, you'll initiate conversation amongst your fans and draw them closer to one another. Those little connections that compound over time can make a brand a viral hit.

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3. They invite fans into the product creation process

71% of Gen Z consumers "would love to participate in developing new product ideas for a company they really liked." By encouraging fans to share everything from skincare challenges to their dream products, Glossier can predictively create products with a high likelihood to sell, even to sell out, early in the development process. It's a win-win, fans love being heard and getting to ultimately use the product they wish existed, which also leads to repeat purchase.

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4. They acknowledge their most loyal fans

The simple act of recognizing your brand advocates can go a long way. Glossier often likes and regrams content posted by their biggest fans and the reactions are invaluable.

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This sentiment is seen across the majority of Zyper's customers when they engage with their fans:

“When you post about and tag brands, you have it in the back of your head that they might notice. I thought they would maybe like a post, but I never thought I would get invited to a club" - Abby Nierman, member of Frito-Lay's "snack society" - an invite-only community built on Zyper's platform.

Finally, the success of Glossier's notable ambassador program is a major testament to the community they've built. "Glossier girls" feel like they are part of an exclusive club - armed with their own personal link, the ability to share the products they love with friends, and the motivation to earn credits towards future purchases.

Such powerful advocacy starts with the simple act of recognizing and engaging your most loyal fans.

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