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April 08, 2020
#NotSponsored - why brands should prioritize "super fans" over influencers

It's not about reaching the most people, it’s about reaching those who are tuned-in.

With brands spending as much as 75% of their digital marketing budget on influencers, and consumer trust in this category at a record low of 4%, you have to wonder, why?

For one thing, influencer marketing is not a one size fits all. Brands have quickly caught on to the effectiveness of micro-influencers who have built their own highly engaged communities and are less likely to buy followers.

What may not be as obvious to brands is this: if the goal is to connect authentically with a highly engaged audience that shares common values with your brand - why go through a third party to accomplish this? Why not build your own community?


Take Dior for example - when they launched @diorbeautylovers - a dedicated Instagram account to distinguish brand-driven content from user generated content, they tested two tactics:

  1. Paying a set of macro and micro influencers to post product photos
  2. Identifying 500 everyday ambassadors who were true fans of their brand and inviting them to Zyper’s private community platform

This exclusive “super fan community," posted 2,000 pieces of content, sharing to their closest friend groups and driving more traffic than both sets of influencers.


We surveyed thousands of fans who are active members of brand communities, here is why building a dedicated community is the key your brand’s future health:

  • 100% of fans view a brand more positively after becoming a member of a their dedicated community.
  • 80% of fans say they felt recognized by the brand after receiving an invite to their fan community. As a result, they feel more loyal and spend 3X more
  • 70% of fans said they are more likely to create extra content after the brand engages with them and reposts their content.

We also surveyed “friends of fans” who have been exposed to UGC generated by community members:

  • 75% of fans’ followers surveyed said they were more likely to purchase a product after seeing a positive review by their friend or family.
  • 65% of fans followers surveyed were more likely to click a friend's bio link than click an instagram ad.

In addition to building loyalty with fans and reaching their friend groups, brands are also fostering meaningful connections within their fanbase:

  • 80% of fans would rather communicate and share product insights in a private group chat vs. publicly on social media
  • 90% of fans have driven over 300 unique site visits via sharing with one another in a private group chat

The ability to drive true influence starts by recognizing the individuals who know and love your brand best - your super fans. Influencers are a smart play right now, but building community around your most loyal fans is the end game.

Find the top 1% of your fans and build your brand community today on the Zyper platform. Visit [zyper.com] to request a demo.

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