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April 29, 2020
This Might Be The Most Powerful Method For Engaging Your Community

As a platform for community, naturally we talk a lot about building strong communities and relationships with your fans. When you have proximity to your true fans, you have a special opportunity for co-creation and increased positive sentiment around your brand. But what does engaging your community actually look like in real time?

Inspired by one of our fashion partners, AllSaints and their thriving #TheSainthood community, here are the three tried and true steps to successfully engage your community.

Repost community UGC Onto Your Brand’s Social Channels

Re-posting community content while also tagging the fan who created it is a fantastic way to keep your community engaged. With 92% of consumers trusting media from their network above all other forms of advertising, it's no surprise that customer UGC is much more likely to generate an uplift in purchase consideration than an in-house created asset (Nielsen).

To showcase your community UGC, create an Instagram Story highlight like AllSaints did. At any time, consumers can view and shop directly from #TheSainthood content living on the AllSaints Instagram - driving brand awareness and recognizing the co-creativity of their fan base.

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Highlight Your Favorite Content + Give Positive Shoutouts

Actively engaging in your group chat, even stopping in to say hello, is a great place to start when building relationships with your fan community. To stand out, AllSaints showed up in the group chat to highlight their favorite content from the community. Their encouragement and positive feedback immediately helps to foster a two-way relationship with their fans. This simple group chat action goes a long way. Remember, your community consists of real, everyday consumers, who share a true affinity for your brand.


Create An Environment For Offline Connection

Building a community of brand fans organically creates a strong foundation for connection. When you realize that your community exists because of the shared interests (i.e. your brand) between real people, you’ll realize you have the power to create a space for relationships to deepen outside of the group chat. AllSaints' #TheSainthood community members leveraged the group chat to organize virtual meet-ups with each other. The community channelled their collective creativity into shared projects, such as staging virtual photoshoots with their favorite AllSaints pieces. For a brand in this instance, the outcome of a connected community is increased high quality UGC and authentic positive brand sentiment worth being proud of.

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Overall, the key to maintaining a strong community is to acknowledge your fans. Co-creating with your fans is the ultimate way to generate lasting momentum around your brand. Group chat is just a simple tool, but it’s true power comes from the unique proximity you have to connect with the real people who love your brand - and love is a two-way street.

To learn more about Zyper’s software and activating group chat in your community, reach out to sales@zyper.com

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