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June 04, 2020
Customer Spotlight: BRIXTON

Welcome to our new 3 minute Zoom series where we spotlight customers at the forefront of marketing innovation through a conversation to share their insights, learnings and tips for mastering community.

This week we're spotlighting Davide from cult lifestyle brand Brixton

"I've been bullish on this whole initiative since the beginning. And you know, that I just believe in the power of UGC and community. I spent, I spent six years with Adidas where it was very much about connecting with with the consumer and connecting with creators to really evolve the brand."

BRIXTON | Davide Mattucci- VP of Brand Marketing

How has your thinking on the influencer space evolved?

Historically speaking, Brixton as a brand has been very influencer oriented. We have a great network of influencers and paid ambassadors, but I guess from my point of view, I just look at the I look at the fan community that's powered by Zyper as being a bit more authentic in so far as you know, it's, it's less about us like, 'Hey, can you do us a favor?' And it's more about a group of people who are genuinely interested in and being a part of a well versed in community.

I think unlike traditional influencer platforms, Zyper is an incredibly powerful tool to amplify our voice and put us out in the world through our true fans. Really getting in front of a lot more people than we could potentially reach.


So, how has community played a role in Brixton growth?

Brixton has been laser focused on creating communities since day one. And I think, you know, the brand's genesis was really built around the idea that we wanted to build apparel and accessories for people who didn't necessarily live within a specific set of parameters within a specific bucket, right?

They weren't just a skater, or just a surfer, or just a musician, etc. They were these, you know, quote, unquote, multi hyphenate before you know, a cool new brand piece of jargon.

And so, I think as a result of that, to me, this is kind of the extension of, of that original brand intent, which, which was to build, you know, to build community around this idea. That timeless style never goes out of fashion. You know Brixton outfits you for whatever the occasion. And and we're sort of, you know, genre busters if you will.


Why Zyper?

Yeah, I mean, I think, you know, again, from my point of view, I've been kind of bullish on this idea of community and influence on a granular level for a while and Zyper just sort of fell into our laps serendipitously. After a couple of conversations, and demo'ing the platform I wanted to make micro influence from a fan perspective a kind of a central part of what it is that we were doing as a brand. And so, you know, that was it was, quite honestly, it was a pretty easy decision. You know, it made it made identifying and bringing together all of these fans much easier than doing so manually. I think it was, I think Zyper was just beyond any of the other tools and that really pushed us over the edge to make choice.


What is so valuable about the Zyper platform?

Being able to curate all the community UGC, on the platform is really easy to do. On a weekly basis, I put together a dashboard for our board of directors, which highlights the community, content, comments showing purchase intent, impressions, reach all that good stuff. And, you know, I find it super easy to just open up the platform, grab the images, I want, drop them into, you know, a quick keynote presentation and speak to hey, here's some UGC community highlights, the kind of reach it drove.

How do you use brand fan UGC?

So we just launched our first newsletter that included some UGC last Thursday, and we'll be we'll be launching a segment on our instagram to highlight some of the women's content in the community too.


What's next for Brixton?

A lot of exciting stuff. We'll be introducing a new brand identity. So you'll be seeing a new logo and slightly revised kind of evolved product direction. A whole lot of a whole lot of stuff is coming. We're not just a skate and surf brand.

How else do you find Zyper useful?

I'm excited about how I can plug my Product Design Team into the fan community chat part of the product. This real time conversation with a group of plugged in fans of the brand. That to me is where, you know the future potential is.

To learn more about how zyper can power your community of brand fans contact elliot@zyper.com


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