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June 12, 2020
Customer Spotlight: COOK UNITY

Welcome to our new 3 minute Zoom series where we spotlight customers at the forefront of marketing innovation through a conversation to share their insights, learnings and tips for mastering community.

This week we're spotlighting Diego who heads up growth at the East Coast's favourite meal delivery company Cook Unity - your private chef!

So I guess the current upheaval triggered by COVID-19 is in some ways a silver-lining for high end meal delivery services like Cook Unity?

Yes it's bittersweet to say but we saw right after everything started our sales and subscriptions peaking. But it made sense, we were anticipating it.

How do you think community and connecting with your true fans is going to play a role in Cook Unity's growth?

Our CEO Matus entrusted me with building a new acquisition channel for Cook Unity. So I started learning about what things they had already tried and I realized that one of the things that we were not doing was influencer marketing. I heard it started with people talking about how useful and powerful this tool could be.

But quickly the thinking evolved, that actually influencers are not trusted.We tried a few of the paid influencer platforms and the results were just bad. You know people can just buy likes and followers. That maybe influencers were not the right way for us to grow.

So all of a sudden, realizing that, well, you know, building the right community and finding the right people is the way to go but really it is that easy. So, when we started we tried to do it manually. I had a couple of virtual assistants and we built a nice community. However, it wasn't a community actually. Really it was just big group of these kind of influencers. And rapidly, we realized that it was really hard to keep track of everything going on. So we're driving ourselves crazy. And so I thought to myself, maybe it's time to reach out to you know, someone that has expertise, the right tools, someone that can teach us that we can learn from so I started exploring.

So how did you discover Zyper?

I was like, we got to find a different way to do this, you know, so we work with venture capitalists and a lot of like really knowledgeable and proficient people. So I reached out to some solid guys on the board and asked me if they knew about any tools or platforms that they knew they were good and that I could try. One of them mentioned to check out Zyper. I first thought maybe Zyper was more advanced than what we were looking for or that we could handle, but then we started talking and you made more sense. We demo the product and the Zyper team was able to explain about and the opportunities with real fans and community.

And actually this is probably one of the main reasons I decided to give Zyper a shot. You know, it was all the time we're talking about building community, right? So we want to build a community of fans and it's all about community. You know unity is even in our name, you know? And I realized that it's actually something that's very, very challenging to do internally.

Here's the thing about communities you need to have at least at least two elements. There has to be an element that ties everything together and brings people to it and keeps those people together. You know, like the glue. The best way to build a community at first is not to build one but get yourself into one, try to insert yourself in a community. So our whole, strategy changed at that point. We started reaching out to communities and, you know, spoke persons from from those communities. That's what we try. So it's all about engagement. It's all about engagement. And that's what Zyper is offering me that is unique you know, like, it's all about engagement we don't look for an influencer we look for fans.

Why Zyper?

So far, what I can say is that based on all the previous experiences, honestly, Zyper was by far the most professional and caring. I felt that through my conversations with your brand partnerships team from the beginning. You guys are the community experts but importantly it's clear that you really care for our success in community and that's great. That's great.

Discover Cook Unity here https://www.cookunity.com/

To start your brand fan community or learn more email elliot@zyper.com

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