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July 16, 2020
Our Commitment to Community: Mid-Year Update

As part of Zyper’s 2020 commitment to support real communities, we are thrilled to announce that we have raised $1500 each for both Sea Shepherds and The Motherhood Group!

At Zyper, we connect brands with their fans and build homes for communities. Community is at our core and our mission goes far beyond virtual connections. That’s why we made a goal to give back to real local communities in need throughout 2020. In December, we asked our Fans to share causes they are passionate about and connected with these 2 charities. 6 months later and we are so proud to learn more about, to have supported and partnered with these incredible causes.

The Motherhood Group connects black mothers with one another and creates a safe space to share challenges, triumphs, questions and advice on their personal motherhood through events, workshops and meetups. Zyper’s contribution will sponsor the first ever Black Mum Fest, a panel discussion to give mothers the essential tools they need to thrive.

“Zyper, your funds really really helped us because we were actually planning the UK’s first festival dedicated to black mothers and the issues surrounding the community. And we are so grateful that the funds can help put that on and make it the biggest and best festival or event to date,” Sandra Igwe, Founder of The Motherhood Group.

Check out her video here to learn more about the groups initiatives.

Sea Shepherd is a marine conservation charity whose mission is to conserve marine ecosystems and species along the UK coastline and across the world’s oceans by ending the destruction of habitats and the killing of wildlife. Through direct action campaigns, education and cooperation, they aim to ensure survival of the oceans ecosystems.

The contributions raised by Zyper will go directly to Sea Shepherd’s 2020 Matching Gift Challenge, where they will match our donation amount. These contributions will help aid in the ongoing Ghostnet Campaign that helps remove lost and discarded fishing gear around the UK and beyond. This campaign will be re-starting for it's 3rd year in July 2020.

Additionally, we have made donations to Black Lives Matter and the Black Visions Collective and matched our fans donations throughout the month of June. We strongly believe in the power of collective voice to bring postive change.

To continue our commitment, we will be selecting 2 new charities to donate to in the second half of 2020. Stay tuned for a post with more information.

If you have any questions about our charity initiative or want to submit an idea or cause for us to help support please just email lulu@zyper.com thank you!

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