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August 06, 2020
Fan Spotlight: BODEN

Welcome to our first Fan Spotlight! We are starting this new series on our blog to highlight brand fans from each of our communities. Here, fans will be sharing their experiences in their communities and discussing how Zyper has given them a platform to share their creativity and ideas with their favorite brands - from chatting with other fans to content creation. At Zyper, we believe in the strength of community marketing and we can’t wait to show you just how powerful connecting with your brand fans can be.

This week, we're spotlighting Janine (@thelifelately) and Clare (@ownyourstyleuk) from the Boden Community - both who have been fans of the UK based clothing brand for years, are strong resources in their community, passionate advocates for Boden.

What do you love about Boden?

J: I have loved boden for the last 17 years. My mom and I used to sit and look through the Boden catalog and place an order together. The brand holds a special place in my heart. I am so happy to be an ambassador for them.

C: I’ve loved Boden for years and years. I’ve been wearing their Breton tops since mostly. I’m literally wearing one right now! It’s a daily occurrence. I love the colors, the prints and the playfulness of it all.

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How has your perspective of brand fans changed since joining Zyper’s fan community?

J: It’s a very supportive space. I am quite heavily involved in social media doing what I do. I’ve met some great new people through it and I’ve seen how people can pull together, collaborate and support each other.

C: I’ve been involved in this industry for about 15 years but I’ve never worked with anyone quite like Zyper before where it’s fully focused around the community. Which is completely the best thing about the Boden partnership. I’ve met a lot of people with families and children which is great since I have a young daughter. There’s no competition about followers or likes, it’s all about the community and cheering each other on. We just want to create nice content and we are so excited to be a part of the brand.

How does the Boden community utilize Zyper’s group chat?

J: Asking each other questions! Especially with new Boden fans coming onboard. They ask for the support from people who have been in the community for a while. People are always happy to reach out and give support. I’ve even teamed up with other people to support each other on our posts.

C: It changes during the month. When the Boden brief comes out every month everyone talks how we might interpret it. Then when the credit comes in, we talk about what we are going to buy and we get super excited! Other times in the month we are sharing content we have produced and interacting with each other - usually saying how great everyone looks in their new items! It’s got that real community feel - it feels like you’re just chatting with your friends. We also have other separate group chats for interests. Such as a Breton Stripe Obsessed Group and a Mum Group which I have made some great friends through.

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How do you think Zyper has impacted Boden?

J: This community makes it feel like we are one big team together. Boden works very much as a family so the fact that you have all the fans, ambassadors and partners working together - makes a big impact on Boden. Our feeds are filled with these everyday, normal women. We are not talking about massive influencers here - we’ve got people with very few followers and people with thousands of followers. I think it’s great because it shows that real people wear Boden. It also produces lots of different ideas for content and saturates the market more. Zyper is brilliant.

C: I think a great thing about the Zyper communities is that everyone is eager to create content with the products. Especially with Boden because they have such versatile products. A lot of my friends and followers are constantly reaching out to me to ask about a discount or when items are coming back in stock. We really are the brand's advocates. We get a credit but we aren’t getting paid. And I always go over my credit every single month! We all genuinely love the brand and Zyper has selected the fans for the Boden community really well.

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What is the best thing about joining your community?

J: This goes back to the collaboration, meeting other people and feeling like you’re involved in something. And it’s been really nice to take part in the community events. The Boden community quiz that happened last month was so fun - and I won! In this community you feel like you’re putting something forward that’s making a difference. When I receive my items from Boden and get the brief it’s a pleasure putting content together and showing our followers exactly how much we love it.

C: Everyone is very like-minded. It’s like a group of friends or colleagues. Just an amazing community you can tap in to.

Discover Boden here: https://www.boden.co.uk

To start your own brand fan community or to learn more email sales@zyper.com.

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