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August 13, 2020
How CPG Companies can Look to D2C Models to Drive Growth

CPG to D2C Community Expert Webinar

As the market continues to shift during this uncertain time, we hosted our CPG to D2C: Community Expert Webinar to discuss how CPG companies look to direct to consumer models to drive growth. CookUnity's Diego Rojo and Forerunner Ventures' Nicole Johnson, joined our CEO Amber Atherton this week to share insights, predictions and best practices in the direct to consumer space.

10 Key Takeaways

  1. When adopting a D2C model for your CPG brand, identify and establish an emotional relationship with your customers early on to help drive your product.
  2. Research and data in a consumer brand cannot be outsourced. To gain real insights, you need to use your community (those who truly know your product) to help you adapt to ever-changing shifts in the market.
  3. Just as customer service can be utlized to gain feedback, your brand community can be utlized in the same way.
  4. Ask yourself: What product or service does my CPG brand provide? How does the market need this right now? Tap into your customers needs and re-access your positioning in the marketplace.
  5. Trends will only take you so far in the D2C space. To be successful long-term, you need to be a trailblazer. Create a relationship with your customers to determine what will drive you forward.
  6. Direct to consumer marketing is every single interaction with your customer. Find new ways to create touch points with your customers i.e. chatrooms or channel expansion.
  7. Influencer marketing is a strategy of the past with ROI and engagement rates flatlining. Your current customers and genuine fans are the best resource to spread awareness, gain engagement and drive ROI.
  8. Prioritize long term sustainability over short term wins. Retention is the new acquisition.
  9. Own your Community. Facebook sells your audience to the highest bidder - ensure you have internal resources to effectively nurture your customer and fan relationships in house.
  10. Invest in anything that can bring you closer to your customers. Establishing a strong relationship directly with your fans brings you closer to key insights that will help you adapt and scale.

View the webinar recording here.

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