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September 18, 2020
Fan Spotlight: Superfans

In this fan spotlight, we've invited a few of our Zyper Superfans to share their experiences leading, inspiring and guiding their communities. Superfans are just that - they are individuals who go above and beyond in sharing content ideas, sparking conversation starters, and fostering a true sense of community. At Zyper, we help brands get more from their most passionate fans and our Superfans help make that possible.

This week, we're spotlighting Anushka (@anushkajoshi) from the AllSaints #SaintHood Community, Brandice (@palmtrees2thirtydegrees) from the Ny&Co Community, and Hali (@haliballantyne) from the Kate Sommerville Skincare Community.

Why are you a fan of your brand?

A: AllSaints for me defined the power of a proper uniform. I grew up admiring their staple leather jackets, and effortless chic style. It represents a gentle rebel to me––someone who doesn’t play by the rules but does so with grace.

B: I am a huge fan of NY&Co because they not only keep abreast with the latest trends, but they also offer their customers affordable, classic, timeless options as well. Ny&Co produces pieces that speak to different women’s personal style and their brand has truly stood the test of time because of its versatility.

H: Kate Somerville's line has been awesome to use. Her products are really unique in my opinion and they've stood the test of time. They use science to formulate strong and useful products that you can't find with just any line.

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What are your responsibilities as a Superfan?

A: My responsibilities as a Superfan include making sure that everyone in the community has their questions taken care of—but a personal mission is cultivating an environment that draws out our talents and respective creativity.

B: As a Superfan, I was able to help build community within the group (in various ways) and it was beautiful to see connections formed. I also answered questions that the ladies had, and I was the liaison between Zyper and the Ny&Co community. It was an amazing experience; one I was so happy to be a part of.

H: I'm responsible for making sure everyone is on the same page about things, and that everyone is in the loop. Sometimes that requires me to do a deeper dive to solve problems, etc. Oh, and try to boost morale when the chat is quiet.

Why do you think fan communities are important for brands?

A: Fan communities are important because they are living proof of what values a brand provides. For example, AllSaints is a brand that is for creatives––and the people in this community are all creatives across different industries. It provides a direct connection between the mission or brand DNA and consumers.

B: Fan communities are especially important for brands because the people within these communities, often, already have a connection to the brand. So enabling fans to promote products is a perfect form of marketing and it enables your brand to be exposed to thousands of people through these partnerships. These fans are representative of a dedicated, active, and defined audience. Through these fans’ camaraderie is built amongst a group of people who share a common interest. A natural focus group is built within the community, which is excellent for the brand.

H: They connect people with shared interests.

How do you think this community has impacted your brand?

A: AllSaints is a brand that is aspirational––but having #TheSainthood provides an intermediary from the brand and translates it to everyday consumers. It does wonders for accessibility as well as seeing what people who represent AllSaints are all about, and what they do in their independent lives.

B: I believe that this community has impacted NY&Co because we are all from various backgrounds, locations, cultures, and ages and we were brought together to show our unique, individual perspectives when it comes to fashion. This showed diversity yet unity and loyalty to NY&Co’s brand. Building a continuously loyal community is imperative to a brand’s success. Our community went beyond just being a number, I feel as though we were truly seen and heard. We were able to assist in bringing in new customers, brand awareness, and recommendations. All of these provide a positive, direct impact on a company’s path and having a community that backs your products shows others that they need to be a part as well.

H: I think it has created a sense of community around a big brand that might seem a bit intimidating or daunting for newcomers.

What is your favorite aspect about being a part of the your community?

A: I love being included in this network of creatives who are both in the US and UK. It’s an empowering cohort to be a part of, and has provided a new space for connection as well as collaboration. Plus, these feel like vetted creatives with excellent taste so I love turning to them to find the best places to eat, drink, dance, etc.

B: My favorite aspect of being a part of the NY&Co community are the relationships I have built. I was able to meet people that I may never have come across on my own. I met strong, supportive, beautiful warriors through this community. This is an opportunity that truly helped me grow and placed people in my path that are so inspirational, women that have left a deep impact on my life.

H: The ability to try new products is always a plus, but also being able to chat with different people about the products and build a community with other creators like myself.

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