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October 05, 2020
Customer Spotlight: BEV

Welcome to our Zoom series where we spotlight customers at the forefront of marketing innovation through a conversation to share their insights, learnings and tips for mastering community.

This week we're highlighting Social Media & Event Coordinator, Tess and Marketing Associate, Kara from sparkling, canned-wine brand, Bev. Proudly founded and owned by women, Bev aims to “break the glass” and reshape the norms alcohol industry.

How has community played a role in Bev's growth so far?

T: Community is why we started Bev. In the beginning, our ambassadors were our friends and fans of the brand. They played such a unique role in building our community, especially in Venice Beach.

One of our ambassadors and friends Ali Futrell is an artist and she actually did the murals in our office and painted the outside of Bev HQ under the Venice sign. So that gives you an idea of how important ambassadors are to us and that we really consider them as extensions of the brand. And they've elevated our visual identity in ways we didn't expect.

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Why Zyper?

K: Zyper really incorporated everything that we were looking for in one platform. I think we were most excited about that community group chat feature because it gives us the ability to have that organic, natural relationship with each of our fans and ambassadors that we're looking for.

When we invite fans into our community, we're not really looking for that transactional piece that sometimes an email communication can lead to - we're looking for a genuine friendship and relationship. The group chat allows us to do that with all of our fans as a whole and individually, one-on-one. It also gives [fans] a space to communicate with each other- which they previously wouldn't have the opportunity to do outside of an Instagram comment section. We're excited to be able capitalize on this space and see how we can keep it really dynamic to help the community grow.

T: When we were looking at other community platforms, we just loved how Zyper had worked with other iconic brands and it gave us the inspiration for what we wanted to do with our community. We hadn't really seen that from any other platform where they had case studies that show how well this could work for us.

We feel like we have a partner at Zyper where we aren't just logging on a platform and they are like, "see you later!" We have a weekly call with our account manager. Zyper cares about what we're doing and wants to be extremely helpful. We didn't have that kind of connection with any other platform.

What's next for Bev?

K: We have some exciting things coming for Bev. We have some new product launches and we just wrapped our first season of our podcast Made By Chicks where our founder Alix talks with other entrepreneurs about the real never-before-heard stories behind building businesses. 

T: We're always discussing how we can shift drinking culture. Bev is more than a canned wine company. Looking forward we really want to expand our mission with our "Made by Chicks" platform by supporting female founded businesses, highlighting other women Breaking The Glass and talking about topics that people don't usually talk about. Drinking culture in general is really toxic. Being able to bring awareness to that while selling wine is really unique.

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Why is community important to you?

K: Community is so important to us here at Bev because we're a mission-driven operation. When we say our motto, "break the glass" we mean that in two aspects: Breaking the glass in the male dominated alcohol industry and changing the way we see each other in social spaces. We really can't meet our second goal, without our community with us. The content creation from Zyper is great, but we're looking to go a step further with this community and really reach all different corners of the country. We want to reach friend groups and get everybody aligned with our mission so we can "break the glass" together.

T: Our community with Zyper is going to truly help us scale and build a bigger community than we could have on our own. It's also going to allow us to get the necessary feedback from the people that care most about our brand on upcoming launches and ideas. With Zyper, we can ask fans about things that they like or don't like, so that we can keep improving and iterating on what we're making. We've never been able to hone in on that kind of feedback before. Being able to have that insight helps us continue to create an authentic and genuine brand that provides a great product.

We want everyone who is an ambassador to be able to knock on our door at the office, say hi and feel like they're a part of our family. We've always been really passionate about that. Kara and I are in the Zyper group chat and we all follow our fans on social media and visa versa.

Zyper can help us maintain those authentic, genuine connections as we grow.

Discover Bev here https://drinkbev.com

To learn more about building your brand community, email sales@zyper.com.

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