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November 24, 2020
Fan Spotlight: Kayla

It's time for another Fan spotlight on our blog. In this series of Fan spotlights, fans will be sharing their experiences in their communities and discussing how Zyper has given them a platform to share their creativity and ideas with their favorite brands - from chatting with other fans to content creation. This time we're spotlighting Kayla (@thedaileycraze) from the Kano community.

Kayla, a Software Engineer student and a homeschool mom, is a true Kano Fan and has since become a passionate advocates for the brand and was appointed as the Super Fan in the community.

What do you love about Kano?

As a homeschool mom and software engineer student I found it surprising how difficult it was for me to create coding lessons for my kids. I always knew we would want to teach them coding early on. Kano has provided the missing link. It is so easy to plan activities and get the kids excited about coding and computers. Being able to build the computer and decorate with stickers really gave the kids confidence in their new lessons.

How has your perspective of brand Fans changed since joining Zyper’s Fan community?

Zyper introduced me to the organized aspect of brand Fans and a way to develop genuine excitement over products.

How are you finding the group chat and how do you stay engaged?

Zyper provided me with many tools and resources for me as a Super Fan to make the chat and community aspect fun and engaging. I'm really excited to get started on a few challenge ideas!

Why do you think fan communities are important for brands?

It's nice to see so many different backgrounds of people becoming excited about using and representing a product. I get to see that in real-time as people receive their Kano PC's and post their activities in the chat.

How do you think Zyper has impacted Kano?

I have had several people already reach out asking about Kano. It was surprising to a few that they had not heard of, or come across, the PC before I had posted. I believe there will be a large amount of people that will be discovering Kano that may have not come across the brand through conventional advertising.

What is your favorite aspect of being a part of the community?

In the Kano community specifically, there are a lot of homeschool families that I have been introduced to which is so cool! Bouncing off ideas and connecting with them on Instagram has been an added bonus to being a part of the Zyper community.

To learn more about how you can build your community of super Fans like Kayla, email sales@zyper.com.

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